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(HT to Exit133)

And a bonus from YouTube’s related videos, all outta tune and punked up, courtesy of The Rain City Shwillers:

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Random! Photos! Of! Awesomeness!!! Forgive me whilst I self-indulge. Go Sounders (Band)!

(From The Seattle Times)

(From Beyond the Best Seat in the House)

]]> Fri, 27 Mar 2009 00:04:19 GMT jamie,2009-03-26:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/40d936315d181ad6c3e2f33825c21f66
Neko Case Song, Free, For a Good Cause This blog, of course, owes a great deal to erstwhile Tacoman Neko Case in that its title comes from her three-quarter-time alt-Country ode to our fair city. So it seems only fair to give some voice to her upcoming album, Middle Cyclone, and a great little cause that she and her label are championing.

I’m going to post a link to download “People Got A Lotta Nerve”, the first single from the album, here. Neko and ANTI will donate $5 to the Best Friends Animal Society for my doing so. They get publicity, we get free music, and animals get saved–everybody wins! (And you can help the animals even more by participating too!)

Download an MP3 of People Got A Lotta Nerve.

A little message from Neko:

More info from ANTI.
The beneficiaries, Best Friends Animal Society.

(And for an extra local bonus, if you want to support local animal causes, check out the Dugan Foundation, which is selling a beautiful 2009 wall calendar to support their work…)

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Don't Eat the Brown Roca I can’t believe no one else is commenting on the Dark Star Orchestra show happening at the Pantages tonight. I mean, c’mon, a Grateful Dead cover band? In the Pantages? This is rife with comic potential! I don’t have a ton of time, so maybe y’all can make some funny happen in the comments…

Photo by Janesdead

Even if you don’t go to the show, it might be worth a trip by the theater before it starts to count the Microbuses and see if you can spot your boss wearing tie-dye. Methinks the Pantages staff will be living off a contact high for days after this one…

]]> Thu, 27 Sep 2007 17:07:49 GMT jamie,2007-09-27:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/1b4b52658329e8d9c32a30866cd42ca4
The Guggenheim Grotto: iTunes Single of the Week

The Guggenheim Grotto, from Dublin, Ireland, is one of the best bands I’ve come across recently. Their music is smart, beautiful, and eminently listenable: hints of CSNY, Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Cake, Talking Heads, but definitely a style of their own. They’re great live (all are incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists), and upon meeting them in Seattle last November was pleased to find that they were absolutely charming as well. I’ve mentioned them before, but wanted to bring them up again because they are featured this week on iTunes as the Single of the Week. What better time to go check out this band. Head on over to iTunes to check out Philosophia, one of their more mellow songs. Hope I don’t lose you here, because, despite the introspective nature of this song, these guys have great pop sensibility that really shines through on some of their other stuff.

If you enjoyed that, or have had your curiousity piqued, or just want more free music, head to their website to download five additional songs from their no-longer-in-print EP.

Hopefully at this point you’re sold on the musical stylings of Kevin, Mick, and Shane, so you should just up and buy their album, ‘...Waltzing Alone’. (Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just buy their full album from iTunes…part of the appeal is the awesome leatherette book-style packaging.)

In review:

  1. Get Philosophia for free from iTunes
  2. Get more free music from
  3. Buy their debut album, ‘...Waltzing Alone’
  4. ?
  5. Profit

Or something…enjoy!

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Tacoma Concert Band Takes On Northwest Focus I feel the need to toss out a plug for this evening’s Tacoma Concert Band performance, themed “Northwest Focus”, because, well, I’ll be sitting somewhere in the back row of the group. This should be an eminently enjoyable concert, with pieces by UPS professor Rob Hutchinson (including a great world premier piece) and PLU professor Greg Youtz, the locally themed “Northwest Passages” by Aldo Forte (premiered by the band at an earlier concert), not to mention Latin music, Gershwin, and more. This is my first time playing with the band, and they really are a high-caliber group that Tacoma is lucky to have its name attached to.

]]> Fri, 23 Feb 2007 20:07:13 GMT jamie,2007-02-23:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/c9c914c5d644da3564ba910aaa28933d
Dar Williams Review I just wanted to take a second to say the Dar Williams show was all that and more at the Rialto last night. A wonderful, appreciative crowd came, and Dar, who has great stage rapport to start with, really fed off of the energy. A wonderful set featured favorites such as Christians and the Pagans and The Babysitter’s Here, a great cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, lots of funny and touching stories to fill in the gaps, and (count ‘em) three encores. The crowd spilling out onto Ninth after the show definitely left happy. (Aside: the parking along Antique Row looked like a Subaru dealership.)

One fun local touch was a recollection by Dar of an early gig at the Antique Sandwich Company in 1994 (though she couldn’t remember the name and even with some audience help came up with “Electric Antique Cafe mumble-mumble”). Apparently that show served as an inspiration for her song Tuesday.

Big props to David Fisher and the Broadway Center for making this show happen. Fisher mentioned in his pre-show comments that Broadway Center will be attempting to bring in more touring acts such as this, also calling out jazzer Bill Frisell who will be appearing on February 17th. I say keep up the good work! The Rialto was a great venue for this show, and I imagine smaller-profile acts might even do well in the more-intimate Theater on the Square.

Anyone else out there also make it to the show? Drop a comment, even just “I was there too!”...

Update: Great reviews from Spew and EJ@TNT. By they way EJ, you almost were able to be inconspicuous in your picture taking, but every time you moved around, your tiny backpack stuck up into the field of view…I’m just sayin’...

]]> Sat, 03 Feb 2007 00:32:57 GMT jamie,2007-02-02:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/93c57aea3a7664c27cf56a1ddba2be78
Dar Williams in Tacoma A Spew posting tipped me off late last Friday that Dar Williams will be playing the Rialto on February 1st. Dar is a favorite at Thrice All American headquarters, but I had to keep mum on repeating this one until after the holiday. (You can’t pass up an easy gift/surprise falling into your lap like that.) We saw Dar this last summer down at the Oregon Zoo double-billed with Shaun Colvin, and beyond being a creative, smart songwriter, she’s an engaging and fun performer. Tickets are $29.50 and go on sale January 2nd. We’re so there.

All the details from Spew.
Update: Info from Broadway Center.

‘Nother Update, Jan. 2: Tickets went on sale this morning at the box office, over the phone, and online…good opportunity for a Thursday out on the town, if you ask me.

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Musical Highlights in the Near Future... I like to support live music, but don’t get out nearly as often as I should. However, a few upcoming things have crossed my radar that might put me on something of a live music bender.

The Guggenheim GrottoTonight, November 9th, 9pm, Sunset Tavern (Ballard): I wish this was in Tacoma, but its definitely worth the drive up to Seattle. The Guggenheim Grotto is one of the most talented bands I’ve come across in the recent past. The multi-instrumentalist Irish folk-rock trio’s year-old album, Waltzing Alone, recently was released in the U.S. This stop is the final one on their tour of the States. I can’t say enough good things about these guys. Go to their website and download mp3s from their EP. Check out their featured performance on NPR’s World Cafe yesterday. This is good stuff.

Players ClubFriday, November 10th, 9:30pm, Jazzbones: Funk and other hits from the 70s. There’s some hard-hitting local musicians in this group. Cliff Colon, a good friend of mine, is one of the best saxophonists Tacoma has to offer. This promises to be a good show. More details from Players Club and Jazzbones.

November 16th in TacomaThursday, November 16th, All Night: Big night to get out on the town in Tacoma for entertainment and food. I’m still lukewarm about the 3 Mo’ Tenors, but the event rundown on Exit133 is full of other choices. Live music at Tully’s and winter beer sampling at Varsity Grill sound appealing to me.

George ClintonSaturday, November 18th, 9pm, Jazzbones: This is apparently Dr. Funkenstein’s first ever appearance in Tacoma. I think there’s a “getting down on the one” joke involving Pierce Transit’s “The One” route in there somewhere, but it’s escaping me right now. Maybe someone can take care of that in the comments… More info from Jazzbones.

World Premiere of Neil Anderson-Himmelspach’s “Symphony No. 1”Sunday, November 19th, 3pm, Lagerquist Concert Hall (PLU): I played in several groups with Neil at PLU, so it’s cool to see him doing well. The University Wind Ensemble will be premiering this new piece, which memorializes two former PLU music professors, organist James Holloway and director of bands Raydell Bradley, who both died well before their times. It is written around the traditional Lutheran hymn “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” (perhaps better known to Wind Ensemble alum as “Chorale No. 1”). I, for one, am excited to hear it. More info from PLU.

]]> Thu, 09 Nov 2006 18:53:40 GMT jamie,2006-11-09:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/567e2c1b5c08474939516c17ec913b97
Jazz Under the Stars 2006 at PLU Pacific Lutheran University in Parkland kicks off their summer outdoor jazz concert series, Jazz Under the Stars, this week. These free concerts are every Thursday evening through August 12th at 7pm in the amphitheater outside of the Mary Baker Russell Music Building.

The entire lineup looks great, but I would point to the Bill Ramsay/Milt Kleeb Big Band (July 20) and Reuel Lubag Trio (August 3) as some of the potential highlights.

Unfortunately, the Keck Observatory, open in past years for stargazing after the concerts, is being renovated, and will not be open this year, but star charts will be distributed.

Click here for more information and a schedule of performers from PLU.

]]> Tue, 11 Jul 2006 17:45:15 GMT jamie,2006-07-11:a06200f80a3d5afe752de87383147dcf/3fe5fa5b4fd87a57284abb8462dc5fa5