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Dirty Goings On at the Assessor-Treasurer's Office

· Posted Monday April 20, 2009 by jamie

It seems that the chickens are finally coming to roost in the office of Pierce County Assessor-Treasurer Dale Washam. Buried in the “Dale’s Bulletin” portion of the office’s website (screenshot captured below for posterity), Washam includes information on an Equal Opportunity Employment complaint levied against him by one of his employees, alleging discrimination and harassment on the basis of both age and gender. Washam even goes so far as to include a link to a pdf of the letter he received from HR director Betsy Sawyers detailing the complains (or if that gets disappeared, I grabbed a copy).

This is certainly an interesting tactic by Washam in making the allegations public, and some of the comments on a TNT blog post seem to suggest that people are praising him for “transparency”. But here’s the deal: in calling this an “unnamed person’s bogus complaint”, Washam is essentially retaliating against HR’s duty to fully investigate complaints such as this, and by extension belittling the employee in question, who should not be dragged through the mud. EEO allegations need to be taken seriously, and for Washam to not only make a private matter public, but to do so in order to argue about an unrelated matter (namely, the lack of property inspections under his predecessor) goes beyond being in extremely poor taste, it also opens up Pierce County for a big fat lawsuit. I won’t go so far at this moment as to say that Washam needs to be immediately recalled from office, but I’m relatively certain that if he were a county employee rather than an elected official, he would be severely reprimanded if not fired for his handling of the matter.

See also at the TNT.

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