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How Did I Miss This?

· Posted Wednesday April 16, 2008 by jamie

New Seattle local-Onion-wannabe The Naked Loon featured our own Tacoma Dome as the new home of the Sonics in their inaugural April Fools issue. Go T-Dome!

(In a post on the P-I’s Big Blog, Naked Loon creator Tim Ellis stated, “It’s always fun to poke fun at Tacoma,” so I guess we can expect more…)

Check it out at The Naked Loon.

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  1. Tacoma Mayor Bill Baarsma welcomed the news. “In your face, Seattle,” he exclaimed. “In. Your. Face.”


    Thanks for linking this. Apparently I live under a rock, because I’d never heard of this blog. It’s great!

    ZestyJenny    Apr 16, 11:42 AM    #
  2. ZJ, I hadn’t heard of the site until yesterday, so don’t feel too bad…

    But as much as I loved the Baarsma quote, I wish they’d have gotten a “beeyotch” in there somewhere, per the infamous Tully’s commercial...

    jamie    Apr 16, 11:50 AM    #