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thrice all american: Stuff White People Like #73: Gentrification
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Stuff White People Like #73: Gentrification

· Posted Friday February 22, 2008 by jamie

The Onion tackled it a couple of years ago, to amusing effect, but now the awesome Stuff White People Like blog has their own take on gentrification (and, of course, why white people like it so much).

I quote:

White people like to live in these neighborhoods because they get credibility and respect from other white people for living in a more “authentic” neighborhood where they are exposed to “true culture” every day. So whenever their friends mention their home in the suburbs or richer urban area, these people can say “oh, it’s so boring out there, so fake. In our neighborhood, things are just more real.” This superiority is important as white people jockey for position in their circle of friends. They are like a modern day Lewis and Clark, except instead of searching for the ocean, they are searching for old properties to renovate.

As before with the Onion article, some of this sounds embarrassingly familiar to some of our day-to-day talk in the Tacoma blogosphere. Ouch. And I’m not pointing fingers, because I’m in the scrum, too. But, um, it’s all in good fun? Right? Anyone??? Sigh…

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  1. Oh dear.

    I’m totally blushing.

    ZestyJenny    Feb 22, 11:41 AM    #
  2. Word.

    I’m guilty of telling people that I live down the street from a high school AND homeowners with cows/horses/llamas in their front yard. Sigh…

    — Joe C.    Feb 22, 02:32 PM    #
  3. Gahd I love this blog, the Whole Foods post takes the cake.

    — broadweezy    Mar 9, 10:42 PM    #