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Additional Caucus Thoughts...

· Posted Monday February 11, 2008 by jamie

Ok, just two more thoughts from the caucuses, and then I’m done:

1) Bringing homemade cookies was a great idea. We were way short of having enough for everyone, but they were quickly gobbled up by our fellow-Democrat neighbors, and I heard many commenting on how cool it was to bring something to share. I’m sure we didn’t sway any votes, but that really wasn’t the point. Hopefully we’ve planted a seed, and we’ll see more “snacks to share” next time around. (Granted, if my positive thoughts of a Democratic win in November come to fruition, attendance should be much smaller in 2012…)

2) Shouldn’t Calvin Goings been at his own caucus instead of traveling from location-to-location to press palms?

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  1. Is he a “super delegate?” (and if so, where’s the cape and tights?) If he is then I think he has his part to play later.

    Jen    Feb 11, 02:22 PM    #
  2. Definitely not a super delegate, he’s just a “lowly” county councilman. Though the cape and tights would be awesome…

    jamie    Feb 11, 02:28 PM    #