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Central Tacoma Caucusing

· Posted Monday February 11, 2008 by jamie

So I’m a couple of days late on this…but I don’t see anyone talking about the caucus in our area. Most of Central Tacoma found itself caucusing at Epworth-Lesourd Methodist Church, which was convenient for us, as it is essentially less than a block from our house.

In 2004, the house was pretty packed for the Kerry/Edwards/Dean/Kucinich/Clark showdown, but there was still room for all of the precincts to split up inside the sanctuary. This time there was standing room only, and at 1:30 (the earliest that precincts were allowed to start caucusing) we were still waiting for people to finish signing in. Our precinct (27-320, yo) had pretty formidable turnout (I believe 113, or so, versus probably 25 at most in 2004) so we were sent to the basement.

Conversation was heated at times, and many (including yours truly) had a chance to state a case for their candidate. In the end, I think few changed their minds…just some of the undecideds fell one way or another. In line with the 2-to-1 proportions seen in the state results, and from what I understand really consistent nearly anywhere you look, we are sending forward 11 delegates for Obama and 5 for Clinton.

Both Melissa and I will be heading to the 27th District caucus and the County Convention. (This will be my second time as a delegate in a row, having represented Kucinich in 2004.) This was way exciting: killer turnout, and it seems like everyone is really excited about both candidates that are still in the hunt for the Democratic nomination.

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