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thrice all american: A Day in the Sun for Skoot
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A Day in the Sun for Skoot

· Posted Wednesday June 6, 2007 by jamie

Skoot, the large file transfer software that has essentially been the constant focus of my day job for about the past year and a half, is getting a day in the sun today with the launch of TroopSkoot, a program to allow soldiers and their families to use the service for free.

As always seems to be the case with any news coverage, I have a few quibbles with the details, but it’s nice to have it out there and see some press for something that I had a big part in creating.

Here is a bit of the coverage in the news and blogs:

I also want to plug the free trial available for anyone who wants to give Skoot a try. It is available for both Windows and Mac OS X. Just head to and give it a shot.

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  1. Interesting product. Congrats on the press!

    sparkobot    Jun 6, 01:13 PM    #
  2. Congrats Jamie.

    I was wondering if this was the software solution you were working on. It is always a great feeling to ship a product and see it in use. I hope we hear more great things about Topia, Skoot and the TroopSkoot project in the weeks to come.

    Andrew Fry    Jun 6, 01:47 PM    #