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thrice all american: The Guggenheim Grotto: iTunes Single of the Week
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The Guggenheim Grotto: iTunes Single of the Week

· Posted Tuesday April 17, 2007 by jamie

The Guggenheim Grotto, from Dublin, Ireland, is one of the best bands I’ve come across recently. Their music is smart, beautiful, and eminently listenable: hints of CSNY, Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Cake, Talking Heads, but definitely a style of their own. They’re great live (all are incredibly talented multi-instrumentalists), and upon meeting them in Seattle last November was pleased to find that they were absolutely charming as well. I’ve mentioned them before, but wanted to bring them up again because they are featured this week on iTunes as the Single of the Week. What better time to go check out this band. Head on over to iTunes to check out Philosophia, one of their more mellow songs. Hope I don’t lose you here, because, despite the introspective nature of this song, these guys have great pop sensibility that really shines through on some of their other stuff.

If you enjoyed that, or have had your curiousity piqued, or just want more free music, head to their website to download five additional songs from their no-longer-in-print EP.

Hopefully at this point you’re sold on the musical stylings of Kevin, Mick, and Shane, so you should just up and buy their album, ‘...Waltzing Alone’. (Do not, I repeat, DO NOT just buy their full album from iTunes…part of the appeal is the awesome leatherette book-style packaging.)

In review:

  1. Get Philosophia for free from iTunes
  2. Get more free music from
  3. Buy their debut album, ‘...Waltzing Alone’
  4. ?
  5. Profit

Or something…enjoy!

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