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Dar Williams Review

· Posted Friday February 2, 2007 by jamie

I just wanted to take a second to say the Dar Williams show was all that and more at the Rialto last night. A wonderful, appreciative crowd came, and Dar, who has great stage rapport to start with, really fed off of the energy. A wonderful set featured favorites such as Christians and the Pagans and The Babysitter’s Here, a great cover of Pink Floyd’s Comfortably Numb, lots of funny and touching stories to fill in the gaps, and (count ‘em) three encores. The crowd spilling out onto Ninth after the show definitely left happy. (Aside: the parking along Antique Row looked like a Subaru dealership.)

One fun local touch was a recollection by Dar of an early gig at the Antique Sandwich Company in 1994 (though she couldn’t remember the name and even with some audience help came up with “Electric Antique Cafe mumble-mumble”). Apparently that show served as an inspiration for her song Tuesday.

Big props to David Fisher and the Broadway Center for making this show happen. Fisher mentioned in his pre-show comments that Broadway Center will be attempting to bring in more touring acts such as this, also calling out jazzer Bill Frisell who will be appearing on February 17th. I say keep up the good work! The Rialto was a great venue for this show, and I imagine smaller-profile acts might even do well in the more-intimate Theater on the Square.

Anyone else out there also make it to the show? Drop a comment, even just “I was there too!”...

Update: Great reviews from Spew and EJ@TNT. By they way EJ, you almost were able to be inconspicuous in your picture taking, but every time you moved around, your tiny backpack stuck up into the field of view…I’m just sayin’...

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  1. My fellow scribe Jessica Corey-Butler wrote a lovely review on the Weekly Volcano’s Spew.

    Brad Allen    Feb 2, 04:14 PM    #